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3 Speakers ..... 3 Topics ..... 3 Key Points
More than 3 Take Aways

Hosted by Emerging Committee

10:00am                     Zoom opens

10:15-10:30am               Welcome & Introductions

10:30-11:30am               3 Marketing Secrets You'd Be Crazy Not to Steal

11:30am-12:30pm             I Know It’s Ugly, But I Can’t Tell You Why: Fixing Common Design Mistakes

12:30-1:30pm                 "Hacking" Storyline for Increased Learner Engagement

1:30-1:45pm                  Closing Remarks & Information

See session information below

3 Marketing Secrets You'd Be Crazy Not to Steal

You may not realize it, but as learning professionals, we have a lot of things in common with marketers. Possibly the biggest is our common challenge of how to get people’s attention and help them think and act in new ways. 

So, what can we learn from marketing teams? As it turns out, a lot. In today’s hyper-distracted world, we must first engage our audience if we have any hope of informing them. Savvy marketers understand how to use the latest technologies and tap into the psychology of emotions.


- Learn 3 top techniques that marketers have been successfully using for years to capture attention and move people to take action. And you’d be crazy not to do the same.  


Mike Taylor

Learning Consultant

Change 4 Growth


I Know It’s Ugly, But I Can’t Tell You Why:
Fixing Common Design Mistakes


How many times have you designed something like a slide deck, eLearning lesson, or job aid, only to look at it afterward and think it looks awful? Your gut is telling you that something about it just isn’t right, but you can’t identify exactly what’s wrong with it, let alone fix the problem. Today many of us are doing some (or even all) of our graphic design work on our own, despite not having formal training. And that can lead to designs you know don’t work, but that you have no idea how to fix.


In this session you’ll learn how to interpret those gut feelings you have about the look and feel of your projects and leverage them to make your design more successful. Through exploring samples of bad design, you’ll discover what some of the most common graphic design problems in L&D are and how to listen to your instincts to identify them. This session will also go into depth about what your quick and easy options are for fixing these issues, as well as show examples of what “fixed” versions of these bad designs can actually look like.


In this session, you will learn:

- How to recognize when a design legitimately isn’t working

- Ways to diagnose specific design problems, such as weak layouts, poor image choices, inconsistent design, distracting typography, and more

- How to use design best practices to fix these issues

- Tips for communicating these issues to others so you can give constructive design feedback


Bianca Woods

Founder and Design Leader

Clever Raptor

Senior Manager, Programming

The eLearning Guild

"Hacking" Storyline for Increased Learner Engagement


Articulate Storyline can be used to create just about anything your instructional design mind can conceive, but sometimes your inspiration goes beyond what the included tools can accomplish. That's when you need to get even more creative and pull out a few other tools that you can integrate into Storyline. Knowing how to use a few simple tricks is all that is needed to create the interactions you desire to engage your learners beyond the ordinary.


In this session, we'll take a look at how we can use some simple javascript, variables, various Google and survey tools to boost our designs. We’ll explore a few examples to see how SurveyMonkey has been used to track the completion of online learning activities (when an LMS is not available). How incorporating javascript to push variables to Google sheets can help to capture learner feedback to improve education efforts. We'll also explore how integrating Google Forms can allow you to not only capture user information but presented data graphically back to the learner in real-time.


- Using SurveyMonkey as a tracking/certificate system

Using simple javascript, variables, and Google Sheets to capture user feedback

Using Google Forms and Sheets to create dynamic graphs in Storyline


Tracy Parish

Education Technology Specialist

Southlake Regional Health Centre

Areas of Expertise
- Performance Improvement
- Instructional Design
- Training Delivery
- Learning Technologies
- Evaluating Learning Impact
- Managing Learning Programs

October 18

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