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cu•ra•tion, noun, the process of analyzing and sorting content, and presenting it in a meaningful and organized way around a specific theme

Content Aggregation + Human Filter + Context = Content Curation

Finding value in content

Have a topic of interest for curation?

Know a resource that would benefit the talent development community

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Are You Driving Learners Away?

TD December 2022

Three conditions that must be present for someone to engage in a behavior: motivation, ability, and a prompt.

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10 Strategies for Creating Engaging Learning

TD November 2022

Engaging learning is born from the three Ds of discovery, design, and delivery.

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Do You Feel The Churn?

TD October 2022

How can you inspire managers to be the reason their people stay?.

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Gauging a Candidate's Soft Skills Isn't Hard

TD September 2022

Close-to-the-job assessment options are routinely the most accurate predictors of a candidate's soft skills.

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Blended Learning
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Blending learning involves three program elements: strategy, technique and technology.
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August 23

Bring Stakeholders Into Alignment

TD August 2022
Not all stakeholders are similarly interested and have a positive outlook for a project.
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See Well-Being Through a Polarity Lens

TD July 2022
A polarity lens provides useful diagnostic and strategic support for TD professionals and others who have responsibility for employee well-being.
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Management Fundamentals
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Management is the art and craft of getting people to work.
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