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Champions of Learning!

for celebrating Employee Learning Week 2009

2009 Employee Learning Week Sponsors
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2009 Employee Learning Week Committee

Kathy Howard, Chair
Human Development Associates
Pat Costello
Betty D'Arrigo
AXA Equitable
Brenda Grady,
ACME Planning

Onondaga County and City of Syracuse proclaimed
December 7-11, 2009
Employee Learning Week


Champion of Learning
* CNY ASTD highlighted ELW on their homepage along with several pages devoted to ELW and ELW activities   

* CNY ASTD obtained a proclamation from the Onondaga County Executive and Mayor of the City of Syracuse proclaiming December 7-11, 2009 as Employee Learning Week in the county and city
* CNY ASTD kicked off Employee Learning Week with a program titled 'Tying Learning Initiatives to Company Goals' with Corporate Learning Strategist and Author Daniel Tobin, PhD

Advanced Technology Training
and Information Network

Champion of Learning

* Advanced Technology Training and Information Network showcased ELW and their ELW participation on their blog
Advanced Technology Training and Information Network posted an ELW poster on their bulletin board 

AXA Equitable

Champion of Learning

* AXA Equitable sent daily communications on various training information

* AXA Equitable posted various training communications during week

* AXA Equitable kicked off the week with a communication from their Sr Vice President on the importance of Learning and Development and an agenda describing events planned for ELW

* AXA Equitable's Vice President from the Learning and Development office in NYC shared the organization's 2010 focus and course offerings during ELW

* AXA Equitable held Crossword and Word Search Puzzle contests using words that reinforce learning and development during ELW

* AXA Equitable unveiled their 2010 Employee Development Challenge to encourage employees to participate in learning and development actions in 2010

* AXA Equitable conducted Lunch & Learns during ELW demoing remote training tools and learning opportunities for 2010
* Betty D'Arrigo was a member of the CNY ASTD 2009 Employee Learning Week Committee

Cayuga County

Champion of Learning

* Cayuga County employees attended training on conflict resolution and communication

Pat Costello

Champion of Learning

* Pat obtained a Microsoft Application Specialist Certification from training during ELW
* Pat was a member of the CNY ASTD 2009 Employee Learning Week Committee

Greater Syracuse Chamber of Commerce

Champion of Learning
* Greater Syracuse Chamber of Commerce held a focus group to gather information for 2010 training and education offerings.

Human Development Associates

Champion of Learning

* Human Development Associates added a web page devoted to ELW

* Kathy Howard included information about ELW to her email signature

* Kathy Howard offered a free bonus training session during ELW to all who have participated in her 2009 Leadership Development Program

* Kathy Howard attended 2 workshops and a webinar during ELW
* Kathy Howard was Chair of the CNY ASTD 2009 Employee Learning Week Committee 

Insight Instructional Design

Champion of Learning

* Insight Instructional Design included a learning quote on the bottom of their emails

* Insight Instructional Design attended a learning webinar and participated in LearnChat, a Twitter social learning forum

Liberty Resources

Champion of Learning

* Liberty Resources emailed learning assistance references during ELW

* Liberty Resources held special sessions for staff to get learning assistance

* Liberty Resources launched a new 'Coaching for Excellence' class for supervisors with a full week of learning options. Classroom participation, self-study and social learning were encouraged. 

Messenger Associates

Champion of Learning

* Messenger Associates, Inc. launched their new website during ELW

* Messenger Associates, Inc. created new Human Resource trainings called HR Power Hour, a series of 60-minute public HR survival skills training webinars. 

National Government Services, Inc.

Champion of Learning

* National Government Services, Inc. sent daily emails during ELW containing training tips and tricks

New Horizons Computer Learning Center

Champion of Learning

* New Horizons Computer Learning Center included the ELW logo on their home page along with a separate page recognizing ELW and their ELW special classes

* New Horizons Computer Learning Center offered half off on all desktop applications classes during ELW

Oneida Healthcare Center

Champion of Learning

* Oneida Healthcare Center employees attended training on conflict resolution and communication

Candyce Robb

Champion of Learning

* Candyce Robb emailed students items on learning and the value of lifeline learning during ELW
* Candyce Robb started classes on Problem Solving and Professional Procedures and Portfolio Development during ELW


Champion of Learning
* SRC invested in a new Learning Management System during ELW to enhance the relationship between employee development plans and learning activities 

Steiger Training & Development

Champion of Learning

* Ken Steiger, Steiger Training & Development, added a note to his email signature promoting learning
* Ken Steiger, Steiger Training & Development, did some special events for clients to help them promote ELW in their organizations

Syracuse Educational Opportunity Center

Champion of Learning

* Syracuse Educational Opportunity Center conducted Microsoft certification training during ELW graduating 10 students 

Syracuse Fire Department

Champion of Learning

* Incoming Syracuse Fire Department Chief attended a seminar on performance improvement

Time Warner Cable

Champion of Learning

* Time Warner Cable showed their support of employee learning by sponsoring CNY ASTD's Employee Learning Week program.

* Time Warner Cable's Training Department included the ELW banner on all email communications during ELW

* Time Warner Cable emailed one training topic and a related inspirational quote per day to all employees during ELW

* Time Warner Cable posted ELW posters around their building to increase employee awareness

* Time Warner Cable had their Regional Vice President of Operations kick off ELW by including an announcement in his weekly communication to all employees in the CNY Division

Visual Technologies

Champion of Learning

* CNY ASTD Employee Learning Week Program Audio-Visual Sponsor.

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Central New York Chapter of
Association for Talent Development (ATD)

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